• May.14.2015

    Overview of domestic mobile phone shipments for FY 2014

    ■ The total shipment in the FY 2014 is 37,880,000 units, down by 3.9% compared with the previous FY.
    ■ The shipment of smartphones is 27,480,000 units, down by 7.2% compared with the previous FY.
    ■ The shipment of feature phones is 10,400,000 units, up by 6.0% compared with the previous FY.
    ■ The total shipment in the FY 2015 is forecasted to be 38,100,000 units, including the shipment of 28,600,000 smartphones.

  • October.01.2013

    CEATEC JAPAN2013 Report

     At CEATEC JAPAN2013, Life & Society stage attracted us. Some Products and services that work with smart devices such as smart phones and tablets were on display. Two companies NTT DoCoMo and Sonostar exhibit wearable devices type of glasses and watch type at the show. Sony exhibited the lens-camera, which can attach to the smartphone.

  • September.04.2013

    Mobile multimedia broadcasting fails to increase channels

    Multimedia broadcasting can watch with smartphones and tablets of NTT DoCoMo, the service started in April 2012. The number of subscribers has exceeded the 1.48 million cases in the end of August this year. The terrestrial television migrating from analog to digital , the services used " excess " frequency band , but it is facts that one third of the frequency band which is prepared only 's not used . To eliminate the " vacant land " state , Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducted a survey intention entry of new broadcasters to up to 4 days in September .

  • August.18.2013

    The possibility of TV compared with smartphone

    Nihon TV is carried out in Tokushima Prefecture Minami-cho demonstration experiment such as TV device keeps watch on elderly people. TV is weaking gradually compared with smartphone , but interest has been paid  by connecting to the Internet .( Cloud and mobile solutions research group / Arihiro Shinshi )

  • April.22.2013

    The reason why Facebook Home got 2.2 on Google Play.

    Facebook announced Facebook Home on April 12, and achieved 50 million downloads worldwide within 10 days. But users evaluated low score, 2.2 on Google Play.

  • November.01.2011

    Mobile-phones shipment in the domestic market in the 1st half of the FY 2011,Japan

    ■The total shipment in the 1nd half of the FY 2011 increased to 20.28 million units, up by 6.0% over the last year.

    ■The total shipment of smartphone in the 1st half of the FY 2011 is 10,04 million units. The 1st place is occupied by Android which was sold in a volume of 7.99 million units of which share is 79.6%..

    ■MM Research Institute forecasts the shipment in the FY 2011 will reach 41.60 million units. The shipment of smartphone in the FY 2011 is 23.30 million units (56 percent of total shipment)