The possibility of TV compared with smartphone


Nihon TV is carried out in Tokushima Prefecture Minami-cho demonstration experiment such as TV device keeps watch on elderly people. TV is weaking gradually compared with smartphone , but interest has been paid  by connecting to the Internet .( Cloud and mobile solutions research group / Arihiro Shinshi )

Viewing social services Nihon TV run has become the basis for the demonstration experiment , is " JoinTV " . By connecting to the Internet TV , we can enjoy the SNS service about the program .

In addition to the TV screen , it is possible that evacuation order is appropriate for one person, and we can watch the elderly normal times , the message of family with remote area , to connect to the Internet TV , I will explore the possibility of a new service .

Sharp also conducted in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture demonstration experiment of " watching TV " safety confirmation services using the TV until September to July '12 . Through the operation of the TV , the activities of  elderly persons is watched .

TV is popular in most homes. If the TV connect to the Internet , these services are exploring the provision of a new public service . Even the elderly who do not have IT smartphone and tablet devices , such as a personal computer , television is owned . It can be said that what the layer is not high of IT literacy , also have a chance of a new service .

There is a problem to spread in earnest . First , how TV can be connected to the Internet . In recent TV , those of Internet connection corresponding many cases , ( October 2012 , MM Research Institute, Inc. ) connection rates remained at 16.7% . In addition , it's important to not high layer of literacy operate the equipment. Considerable ingenuity is required to interface . In addition, issues of content to provide , to the problem is a hardware or more .

For the evolution of television as a hardware  is explored , but taking advantage  to " use anyone " , exploring the various possibilities movement has come out .
( Cloud and mobile solutions research group / Arihiro Shinshi )

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