Mobile multimedia broadcasting fails to increase channels


Multimedia broadcasting can watch with smartphones and tablets of NTT DoCoMo, the service started in April 2012. The number of subscribers has exceeded the 1.48 million cases in the end of August this year. The terrestrial television migrating from analog to digital , the services used " excess " frequency band , but it is facts that one third of the frequency band which is prepared only 's not used . To eliminate the " vacant land " state , Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducted a survey intention entry of new broadcasters to up to 4 days in September .

Features of multimedia broadcasting is the point responsible for broadcasting infrastructure as " hard" , responsible for the supply and production of the program "soft" are separated . In other words, one company is responsible for hardware, software has become possible to play in more than one company. 6 companies had the deal in and prospective study that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducted in October-November .But, after all , only mmbi started the service .

By dividing the frequency band assigned , total of 33 segments were provided , but remains " vacant lot " , 20 segments. The question was posed in itself to start a new broadcasting service . Even in the same smartphone NTT DoCoMo , in that delivers video on mobile broadband via such as "D Video " is popular, it keeps track of the differentiation is not easy . Subscribers itself has continued to grow , I want the constructive direction to create new services that leverage the characteristics of broadcasting .

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