Services Our comprehensive services provide you with research, analysis and consulting.

MM Research Institute primarily engages in Marketing Research, Consulting, Promotion Support and Publishing, with a focus on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.
By providing these services in a total package, MM Research Institute is able to offer a wide range of support, from developing your business and raising corporate value, to employing media to assist with your promotions and measure their effectiveness.

Marketing Research

High-level analytical capabilities honed through ICT specialization
At MM Research Institute, consultants, analysts and researchers with expertise in a wide range of fields pertaining to IT and networks are on-hand to engage in in-depth conversations with our clients to identify the issues they face. These professionals then plan and execute a process involving a series of steps that ranges from initial research design to implementation methods and multifaceted results analysis.


Our comprehensive capabilities in research, analysis and consulting get you the best answer.
When a client conducts market research, a number of business and operations-related issues may be the motivation behind it. Research, in other words, is part of the problem-solving process, and the results are a crucial indicator for how to implement a business strategy.
The first thing we do is to use objective research data as indicators for formulating more accurate solutions, and we verify these solutions' efficacy during their implementation.

At a client's request, MM Research Institute will also join projects for solving business- and operations-related issues by acting as a consultant providing our knowledge and ideas from the standpoint of an expert analyst. Our clients have highly commended the reports and presentations we have produced in this role.


Trusted market research backed by a long and impressive track record
Many a person has seen a piece in a newspaper or magazine, or a report on TV, or a news article online containing a phrase like this: "According to a study by MM Research Institute, a research firm specializing in the ICT market..." This is what happens when the media deems our findings to be of significant newsworthiness for the public and reports them. That is to say, this media attention proves that MM Research Institute's market research identifies the seasonal trends that come up in the ICT market, and that we see those trends clearly and conduct analyses to make them comprehensible.

With our Promotion Support, we use accurate MM Research Institute market analyses to clarify such matters as the client's positioning in the market (shipment volume share and user customer service evaluations) and present the results in the form of MM Research Institute findings, which then help to promote the client's products and businesses.


Peerless research reports brimming with the latest market trends, examples of ICT applications and more
MM Research Institute publishes and sells reports. These include "MM Report," a publication geared toward companies and research professionals that contains the latest research and is only available to subscribers. Another is "Market Analysis Report," which covers the latest trends in each sector of the market.
The production of these reports is based on the knowledge that MM Research Institute has built up over the years. We are proud to say they are a useful source of information for our clients when they make key decisions.

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