President message

We shine a light on the direction that innovation is taking by adopting multiple perspectives.

MM Research Institute employs Information and Communications Technology to constantly monitor market fluctuations and a group of expert researchers and analysts who make accurate predictions of what will happen next.
We receive requests from numerous companies, government agencies, local governments and public entities to research fluctuations in shares of products and services and analyze the underlying causes. They also ask us to elucidate areas for improvement of these products and services, suggest new businesses to start up and find insights concerning changing demand in the market. We respond by organizing contracted business in a short period of time, thus satisfying our clients.
Systems and services based on Information and Communication Technology are experiencing rapid growth in many areas: cloud services, IoT, big data, wearable computers, robots, drones and autonomous vehicles, all of which rely on computers, smartphones, sensors and the like. The growth also extends to security for all these technologies, as well as other related areas.
By further deepening our expertise and expanding the net covered by our research, at MM Research Institute our entire team is united in working toward our further growth as a research and consulting agency capable of rapidly responding to the needs of the public and to the requests we receive from companies, government agencies and other research institutions.