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October 1, the electronics show "CEATEC JAPAN2013" kicked off at Makuhari-Messe. Session until October 4. Wearable devices, there were! CEATEC JAPAN 2013 Report. (Cloud and mobile solutions research group / Takatsugu Hosoda )
Mobile multimedia broadcasting fails to increase channels
Mobile multimedia broadcasting service (NOTTV) which MMBI launched is getting into a trouble. MMBI fails to increase channels. MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) will start to accept applications for new channels. (Cloud & Mobile solution research groups / Arihiro Shinshi)
The possibility of TV compared with smartphone
Nihon TV is carried out in Tokushima Prefecture Minami-cho demonstration experiment such as TV device keeps watch on elderly people. TV is weaking gradually compared with smartphone , but interest has been paid by connecting to the Internet .( Cloud and mobile solutions research group / Arihiro Shinshi )
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